Archanicus was the first of the Archons, who started as an advisor to the emperors of the Faloran Imperium, until becoming powerful enough to challenge them. It was said that he grew weary of the nepotism and incompetence of the men and women he advised, and scolded them for their pride and ignorance. Though he never acted against the emperors and empresses, he refused to obey their commands, and let the citizens of the Imperium choose whom to obey - the emperor, or Archanicus.

They eventually fell into line behind Archanicus or other Archons, until the emperors became obsolete enough to cease to exist on the Halim peninsula.

Archanicus' exact fate is unknown, for all historical records surrounding the deaths of Archons are obscured in the Dominion. However, it is commonly believed he fell victim to the machinations of rival Archons during one of the early civil wars, possibly the one in which the last emperor died, creating the Malvernian Imperium.

With the death of Archanicus, the Dominion came under the control of the Arbiter, who sought to ensure there would never again be a civil war. He did this by creating Common Law.

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